Ideas to Sweeten Your Weekend

I can’t think of another movie where a first one is really bad, followed by a sequel that is this entertaining and good, except James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Exciting and totally insane is the best way to describe it. The Suicide Squad is everything fans have been dying for.

And If you’re in NYC, celebrate one of the most vibrant festivals with Harlem Week. By both virtual and live music and dance events, Harlem Week showcases the African, Caribbean, and Hispanic history of the neighborhood.

This is by far one of my favorite fried chicken spots! Bonchon fried chicken is hot and crispy, and a super quick pick up order. The spices are tangy, and the garlic gives a nice balance. And don’t leave without trying the spicy tacos!

Bibble & Sip is one of the best pastry places in NYC! The cream puffs are stuffed with smooth and flavorful cream, but not too sweet, while the outside is airy and crispy. Their puddings come in cool little jars. And if they have the egg tarts when you go, get them!!