Homebodies Are Great Friends

A bowl of ice cream and binge watching The Walking Dead means one of two things: Either you have no plans, or like me, you’re a homebody. Regardless of why you are spending your evenings at home, if you’re a homebody, it doesn’t mean you’re antisocial. Yes, you find social gatherings draining and try to find excuses not to go out. But as a homebody, you make one of the best friends a person can ever hope to have. And here’s why:

1. You really like one-on-one meaningful relationships.

2. You’re a great listener and understanding.

3. You know that sometimes, a friend just need a quiet space to recharge.

4. You really need outgoing friends to push you out of the house sometimes.

So, if you’re a homebody, rather than trying to change who you are, embrace it!